Quick and Easy Way to Send Newsletters

Mail Chimp

Quick and Easy Way to Send Newsletters

A simple and easy way to reach more consumers with online marketing is though e-mail newsletters. I know – your thinking to yourself “hey, im not that great with all this computer stuff how could I format a news letter???” Well don’t worry – there is help! Mailchimp.com is a free service that helps you easily create newsletters for your company. It helps you with suscribers and let you get the basics of a email newsletter done right. Why not check it out and get started now???



Wifi availability affects where we shop

It seems as though our world is mobiledevic-obsessed. This obsession has exchanged everything from how we communicate to, apparently – how we shop!  A recent study by JiWire discovered that almost 80% of mobile consumers are influenced by the  availability of  in-store wifi. It appears that what the store is actually selling, is less important than if the store haS wiif! Of that 80%, women are the most influenced by wifi as they use their mobile devices for price comparisons, to find product reviews, and to find coupons, offers and deals they can use in store.

If there is anything you should take away from this it’s that having an online presence is very important! Customers may not be in your store but they may be in your competitors store looking online for the better deal your offering! image